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Church pastors, members take gospel to other side of the globe

Pastors Darryl and Darlene Rhodes of Solid Rock Family Church, along with church members Bruce Harris and Mary Rector, recently ministered in Armenia and the Republic of Georgia – in the area of the former Soviet Union.

This marked the sixth year the church pastors have made the trip to that part of the world, a spot literally halfway around the globe. During the 13-day trip the couple and the two church members led a Pastor and Leadership Conference in cooperation with Global Advance of Dallas, Tex., in both countries and, for the very first time, a two-day Ladies Conference in the Republic of Georgia. Harris and Rector served as &#8220armor bearers”, or support members for the pastors … helping them make all the meetings and services.

Pastor Rhodes said he feels it is important for the ministry to reach out &#8220beyond the four walls” to those who are &#8220hungry to be ministered to” through the pastor and leadership conference.

&#8220This is our sixth trip and it is such a joy for us to go. The pastors in those countries are so hungry for the ministry. They will sit for hours in the conferences, taking notes,” he said.

Solid Rock Family Church, located at 4301 U.S. 67 on the north edge of Farmington, co-sponsors the minister’s conference with Global Advance through missions offerings. They pay for the attendees meals, lodging and transportation to the conference. In all, 650 attended the conference in the Republic of Georgia and 400 attended in Armenia.

The ladies conference held in the Republic of Georgia was attended by 400 ladies. This event was solely sponsored by Solid Rock Family Church.

A special visit was made by those traveling from Farmington to a first century church, located in Armenia. Rhodes told the story of how the leader of the country at that early date was against Christianity and had a priest thrown into a dungeon in the church.

&#8220That leader became very ill with an incurable disease. God told him to release the priest from the dungeon and have him pray over him. He did so, and was cured. The leader then declared Christianity throughout the country,” he said.

The recent trip marked a return visit to the region for Harris, a member and usher at the church, and a first-time visit for Rector, also a member of the church.

The church will continue its missions work with a home-building trip to Mexico in February. The pastors are already planning to return to Armenia and the Republic of Georgia in 2006.

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