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Work session proceeds on a calm note

FARMINGTON – There was peace on earth when the Farmington City Council met for its December work session Thursday evening. The harsh and heated debate from the November council session little more than a week ago was gone.

There was subdued discussion and explanation as the group worked through a series of four public hearings and committee reports. Mayor Charles Rorex implemented a new tactic – personally asking each council member by name if he or she had any discussion about each topic raised during the work session.

The council held hearings on a subdivision and rezoning matter to correct an &#8220error or omission” in the description of an existing subdivision located on Schwartz Road. The group also discussed the annexation of land at 1041 East Karsch Boulevard, and annexation of property located at 1139 East Karsch.

The only discussion during the hearings was some questions about the request to annex the land at 1139 East Karsch. Currently there is a home and mobile home on the property. The request was to zone the land C-2 commercial if annexed. Under the &#8220C-2” designation, the mobile home could not be used, but the permanent dwelling could be utilized. The request that the bill dealing with the annexation was tabled until it could be discussed by the administrative committee later this month.

The fourth public hearing was to discuss proposed changes in the municipal code regarding new service station pump canopies. The proposed change, later approved during a special meeting following the work session, dealt with how far a canopy had to be set back from the property line.

With the hearings out of the way, the group quickly worked through a series of committee reports. It was noted that a study will begin soon to evaluate the city’s electric utility and take a look at how rates compare to other similar-sized operations. It was also noted that it should be possible to pay water, sewer and electric bills online by Jan. 1. More information will be made available later this month.

The council then moved three bills forward for a vote later in the month during the regular council meeting on Dec. 19, agreed to take up two bills – the resubdivision of 1041 East Karsch Boulevard, and the service station canopy code change – immediately following the work session, and tabled the other resubdivision and annexation bill to be discussed in committee at a later time.

The council will meet on Dec. 19.

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