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Police say man broke in with ax

FARMINGTON – A man who police say broke into a Doe Run residence earlier this week and frightened residents there with an ax is facing three felony charges.

Robert Fischer, 22, of Doe Run, has been charged with first-degree assault, armed criminal action, and first-degree burglary. He is being held in the county jail on a $125,000 cash-only bond.

If convicted, he could be sentenced to 15 years in prison on the assault and burglary charges. The armed criminal action charge carries a minimum sentence of three years.

Deputy Tim Harris said Fischer apparently kicked a door in to a residence on Arnoldi Road in Doe Run Tuesday night.

The female resident told deputies she heard the noise and went to the kitchen. She said when Fischer saw her, he took a step toward her and her son. She told police he lifted an ax above his head with both hands and stepped toward her.

She said she told her son to run to the neighbor’s house and she began to scream. She said the scream must have stunned him because she was able to take off running to her neighbor’s house.

Deputies don’t know why he broke into the woman’s house carrying an ax. The woman told police she believed he broke into the house to kill or hurt her and her son.

&#8220(She) stated she was afraid for her and her son’s life,” the deputy wrote in a probable cause statement.

Harris said they spent the rest of the night looking for Fischer. They found him at a residence on E Street in Doe Run about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. Another person found at the same residence was arrested on a warrant through Barry County.

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