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Students save Marquand from Martian Freeze-Drying

It was a close call last Monday night, but the Marquand-Zion elementary students saved their town from an attack by Martians. In the process, Martians learned the reason for the Christmas season after students agreed to give them snow needed to power their alien spaceship back home.

The holiday program entitled &#8220A Martian Christmas” included drama, music, and a special performance by the school’s elementary keyboard ensemble. It concluded with a festive sing-along and a visit from Santa.

Cast members for the evening were Josh Boyer, James Edmonds, Hannah Myers, Alex Grindstaff, Anna Kisner, Triston Bellew, Melissa Barton, Taylor Kennon, Sarah Shafer, Ethan Lord, Chris Filley, Gene Weekley, Trevor Holland, Cody Weekley, Tyandra Kirk, Eli Burton, Dami Spain, Kaelen Moore, and Kasey Myers.

A trio of elementary singers, Alyssa Myers, Sierra Powers, and Zoe Weekley, performed &#8220The Right Thing to Do.” The program also included a special performance by M-Z graduate Katie Stroup who returned to sing &#8220Christmas in Marquand.”

Fourth grade members of the keyboard ensemble are Jessica Carey, Zach Cushman, Tyler Dunn, Chris Filley, Trevor Holland, Winter Kelly, Anna Kisner, Colin Kohl, Hannah Myers, Austin Reeves, Dalton Sitzes, Jody St. Claire, and Erica Weekley.

Members of the keyboard ensemble from the fifth grade include Melissa Barton, Josh Boyer, James Edmonds, Veronica Ibarra, Brittany Jaroszewski, Tyandra Kirk, Jordyn Moore, Kasey Myers, Deana Reubel, Sarah Shafer, Dami Spain, Clayton Volger, and Brendon Weekley.

The program was under the art direction of Vicki Visnovski and the musical direction of Adam Carey, Seth Carey, and Phillip Reeves. The school’s annual Book Fair was conducted before and after the concert with special gifts and refreshments provided by Library/Media Specialist Jackie Barks.

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