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Animals look for last minute stay of execution

PARK HILLS – In an emergency edition of Adopt a Pet, a last-minute plea is going out to animal lovers. The Park Hills Pound has several dogs that are in need of immediate homes. If they are not adopted by 3 p.m. today, a veterinarian will be at the pound to put them to sleep.

The first pet is a 1-year-old male dachshund mix. He is brown-colored dachshund and is considered to be medium-haired.

The second pet is a 6-month-old female Eskimo dog. She is black and brown and is very friendly.

The third featured pet is a 1-year-old male black lab. He would make a tremendous addition to any family.

The next pet could turn out to be a very sad story. She is a female black lab. She has four puppies that are at the weaning age. If she and her puppies are not adopted, they will all be put to sleep.

The last featured pet is a tan pit bull.

If you have any desire to adopt any of these guys, do not delay. They will be put to sleep by the end of the day. This is a last minute plea for help. For more information about any of these dogs call (573) 431-3122.

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