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Lynn says he never owed child support

More information has been released about the incident that led to the arrest of 67-year-old Harry Lynn Peterson of Doe Run early Monday morning.

According to additional sheriff’s department reports, Richard Lynn received a phone call in the middle of the night from Peterson about his 18-year-old daughter – Peterson’s granddaughter. He said he went over to Peterson’s residence in Doe Run because he was concerned about his daughter.

Lynn took a gun with him and told his wife to call 911 and have a police officer meet him at Peterson’s residence.

When he got to the residence, Peterson asked Lynn if he was &#8220packing” and then went around the corner and came back with a gun. He pointed the gun in Lynn’s face and told Lynn to open his coat to show the gun he had.

Lynn told police that he put his gun on the floor but Peterson picked it up and pointed it in his face, saying he &#8220ought to just kill” him.

&#8220He said you are going to meet me at the courthouse tomorrow and pay (child support every week),” Lynn said.

Lynn said he does not owe child support for his daughter, who currently lives with her mother. Circuit court records also show that there are no cases pending against Lynn for child support.

Lynn said Peterson kept pointing the gun in his face, saying that he ought to just kill him. Peterson fired one shot near Lynn’s feet and said, &#8220It hurts a lot worse to get shot in the foot than in the head.”

Lynn said Peterson then fired two more shots at the floor.

He said when police came to the door, Peterson hesitated, then opened the door with the gun behind his back. He said he then struggled with Peterson to get the gun away from him, with the help of the police.

Peterson told police he got his .22 caliber revolver when he saw that the man had brought a gun with him. He said he kicked the man’s gun away from him and placed it on the counter. He then showed the man his gun and told him to sit on the couch.

Peterson said he told the man he was going to pay child support until the child turned 22. He pointed the gun at the floor, firing three shots into the floor of the residence. He said the man then agreed to start paying child support, beginning this month.

Peterson was charged with felonious restraint, armed criminal action, and unlawful use of weapon. He was arrested and held in the county jail on a $110,000 bond.

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