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Sheriff has not dismissed lead in murder investigation

It’s been over a month since a new lead developed in a murder investigation that began three years ago.

St. Francois County Sheriff Dan Bullock said they haven’t yet dismissed the lead in the investigation of Peggy Miller’s death. He said the lead is still promising.

&#8220But nothing has come to light, either,” he said.

Bullock has not elaborated on the lead that they received in the early part of December. He has been tight-lipped about any information they are looking for to support the lead.

Investigators have received more than 100 leads in the investigation since Miller was found dead in her burned-out car three years ago. Most of the leads were quickly dismissed.

&#8220This lead hasn’t died yet,” he said.

The sheriff has said he doesn’t want to elaborate on the information in the case because he doesn’t want to scare anyone away.

The problem with this murder investigation has been that most of the evidence was burned up in the fire.

Firefighters were called to Miller’s home in Iron County at the intersection of Route W and Highway 21 early on the morning of Sept. 22, 2002, when a fire was reported there. Hours later, her burned body was found in her burned-out car on Indian Creek Road near Route W in St. Francois County.

Miller’s dental records were used to identify her remains. An autopsy determined that Miller died before the car fire. The cause of death has never been released.

Detectives from both Iron County and St. Francois County have worked on the case. Detectives from the Highway Patrol and the state fire marshal’s office also assisted with the investigation of the murder and the fires.

A $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the conviction of the person or persons responsible for her death. If you have information, call your local police department, or St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department at 431-2777.

The sheriff said they will continue to work on the case until they solve it.

&#8220We never just drop a case and say ‘OK we are done with it,’” he said.

This is the only unsolved murder the department has from within the last 10 years.

Currently, the sheriff’s department is waiting on a pathology report to determine if the death of 57-year-old Larry Duvall needs to be investigated as a homicide.

&#8220We haven’t ruled out that there was foul play, but there is no actual evidence of any,” the sheriff said.

Duvall’s body was found in a lake on the S-F Scout Ranch by a fisherman on Jan. 16. Duvall, who was mentally handicapped, had been missing since Nov. 27. Searchers spent several days searching the area near his home on Plummer Road, including the scout ranch.

Family members have said they do suspect foul play because he didn’t walk well and was afraid of water.

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