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Police release crime statistics for 2005

Chief of Police Rick Baker presented crime statistics from 2005 during this month’s Farmington City Council meeting. The chief said the chances of being involved in a serious crime in this community are nearly non-existent, and the best way to avoid being a victim of petty theft is to lock your vehicles and keep items of value out of plain sight.

The chief presented an overview of the statistics to the council. A complete list of the year’s actions were included in a printed report given to each council member. Crimes mentioned involved felony and misdemeanor assaults, thefts and traffic-related offenses.

According to Baker, the Farmington Police Department answered 15,161 calls for service in 2005 – a four percent increase from 2004. Officers investigated 822 traffic accidents, and made 1,102 arrests. Of those arrests 111 were drug related, 94 were for Driving While Intoxicated, and 34 were other alcohol-related offenses including under-age possession of alcohol, purchasing alcohol for a minor and related actions.

&#8220Farmington is a safe community as far as serious crimes against persons are concerned,” Baker said of the findings. Last year crimes against persons amounted to only two percent of the total crime statistics. The year saw one homicide, five reported robberies which were all cleared by arrests, and nine reported rapes … seven of which resulted in an arrest or request for prosecution.

Baker said in all reported rape cases the victim knew the attacker. There were no &#8220random acts” of that type of violence recorded for 2005.

Assaults accounted for 38 percent of crime stats for the year. Assaults are broken down in two groups for recording purposes – simple assaults, and aggravated assaults. Simple assaults, commonly known as misdemeanor assault, can be a threat or physical harm on up to assaults which cause minor injuries. The department recorded 389 reported simple assaults, all but nine being cleared by an arrest or request for prosecution.

Aggravated assault, sometimes called felony assault, is determined by either the severity of the injury or by the use of a weapon. There were 34 such assaults reported last year, with all cleared by either an arrest or request for prosecution.

As for crimes against property, nearly 60 percent of responsive actions recorded by the police department involved investigating burglaries, stealing and vehicle thefts. There were 22 business burglaries reported, five of which were cleared by arrest or request for prosecution. While that might seem high for the community, there are more than 800 businesses, churches and schools registered in the city. Some of those businesses are services which may not have a storefront, but do have equipment which could be taken or damaged.

Police recorded 21 home burglaries, and 29 reports of motor vehicle thefts. Nine of the home burglaries were cleared, and 15 of the vehicle thefts. Additionally, 25 of the 29 vehicles were recovered.

Baker said in more than 90 percent of the reported stolen vehicle cases the doors to the vehicle were left unlocked prior to the crime.

&#8220Although crime is gradually increasing due to the growth of our city, it is still a community where you can feel safe as far as serious crimes against persons,” Baker offered. &#8220As far as crimes against property, a little crime prevention could go a long way. Residents should start locking vehicles and residences, and keeping a closer eye on personal property.”

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