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Police find rolling meth lab

IRON MOUNTAIN LAKE – While the Iron Mountain Lake Police Department was cleaning up a burglary investigation on Friday, a rolling methamphetamine lab was uncovered. According to Iron Mountain Lake Lt. Jerry Hicks, the incident occurred on Ferguson Street.

&#8220A member of our department was cleaning up a burglary when a van with out-of-state plates pulled into the driveway,” Hicks said. &#8220The officer went out to talk with the driver. The officer explained the situation to the driver and more or less told him that there had been a number of burglaries in the area and that it was suspicious that this van just pulled up out of the blue.”

Hicks said the owner of the home had told the officer that the driver had not been at the residence for nearly nine months.

&#8220The officer asked for permission to search the van,” Hicks said. &#8220The driver gave permission, but when the officer went to the back of the van to open up the doors, the driver went nuts. The officer attempted to restrain the driver, but he resisted. The driver was then placed under arrest.”

Hicks said when the search of the van continued, the components used to manufacture methamphetamine were uncovered inside the van.

&#8220Everything used to make methamphetamine was inside the van,” Hicks said. &#8220We also found tools that are used burglarizing homes. The driver was taken to the St. Francois County Jail.”

Hicks said charges are pending against the driver. The Bismarck Police Department and the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department assisted in the arrest.

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