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Hide your purses, lock up your cars

FARMINGTON – The Farmington Police Department is investigating a string of vehicle break-ins that occurred on Friday night. A total of six vehicles were broken into between 7:30-10:30 p.m. at multiple locations.

&#8220There were two vehicles broken into at Ponderosa, one at the VFW, one at Applebee’s, one at El Tapatio and one at the Farmington Press,” said Farmington Police Chief Rick Baker. &#8220Windows were broken out in all of the vehicles except the one at the Farmington Press. The door was unlocked in that vehicle. Purses were stolen out of each vehicle.”

Baker said police are looking for a possible suspect vehicle that was seen at several of the locations where the vehicles were broken in to. The vehicle is described as a blue 1990’s model Jeep Cherokee.

&#8220Any place that you go that has a large parking lot there is going to be a higher chance of crime,” Baker said. &#8220Farmington is a busy city. We have a lot of people that come and go. People need to lock their vehicles and avoid leaving things of value like purses inside their vehicles. If they do leave them inside the vehicles they need to hide them so they are not out in plain sight.”

If anyone has any information regarding the thefts they are asked to contact the Farmington Police Department at (573) 756-6686.

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