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Edgar: Leave drug testing to professionals

A recent poll involving 174 people on the Daily Journal Web site showed 90 percent agreed that parents should test their children for drug and substance abuse. Local parents who may not want to order kits online are able to purchase the tests locally.

Occupational Drug and Alcohol Collection Services, or ODACS, Corporate Medical Services is a local family owned and operated business specializing in drug and alcohol testing for parents, schools, and businesses, including testing of hair, urine, saliva, and SOS, or residue testing.

ODACS also offers instant tests, which are available to parents for purchase. However, Tim Edgar of ODACS discourages parents from testing their children themselves.

&#8220Our company is here to help parents handle all aspects of drug testing. There is very little our company can’t test in this area,” said Edgar. &#8220In 48 to 72 hours, many drugs are out of the child’s system, depending on the drug. There are different aspects and different tests to suit each situation, including hair, urine, saliva and surface testing. Not all instant tests offer results.”

Edgar says there are not many parents who bring their children to be tested or buy an instant test.

&#8220There is little education behind handling and reading the tests,” says Edgar. &#8220A lot of the tests are faulty and many parents do not read the tests correctly.”

The concern that many parents are uneducated about the tests may lead to false accusations of the children, positive or negative. Negative accusations from tests, according to Edgar, have led to drastic measures such as lawsuits and abuse cases.

&#8220(I believe) parents, schools and employers just need to work together as a team to deal with the drug problems. The schools need to educate parents on the problem and a solution. If there is a drug problem with the student there needs to be treatment and also counseling after the fact,” said Edgar. &#8220Whether we admit it or not, drugs are becoming a social problem and are affecting the lifestyles of people. What people don’t realize, is that if it affects one person, it affects everyone. The decisions these people make will haunt them and their families the rest of their lives, whether it’s physical problems, such as irreversible brain damage, or social problems. Society is going to pay the price for the decisions these people make. It’s a problem that has long term effects and this problem is not being dealt with.”

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