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Seminar to offer advice on heart health

A free seminar at 3:30 p.m. May 18 at the Farmington Civic Center will offer information about preventing heart failure. The seminar will be led by Dr. Bryan Trimmer, D.O. of Cardiology Diagnostics with offices in Farmington at 1101 Weber Road.

To register, call toll free 1-888-457-5203, however registration is not required.

Trimmer is an interventional cardiologist who says he hopes to answer questions about what heart failure is and how to have a healthy heart.

&#8220There are different grades of congestive heart failure,” he explained. &#8220Some patients have no symptoms at all. It usually comes on with age.”

Symptoms that can be experienced include shortness of breath, swelling of the lower extremities, chest pain, fatigue and as Trimmer describes it, &#8220the inability to do what you have done in the past.”

Heart failure risk factors include high blood pressure, high blood sugar, diabetes, cholesterol and smoking.

Trimmer will also discuss treatment for heart failure including pacemakers.

&#8220Twelve million people have coronary artery disease and it is the number one cause of death,” said Trimmer. &#8220Five million have congestive heart failure.”

He advises people to know how well the left ventricle of their heart pumps blood. A number that is 60 or greater is normal. Less than 40 is bad. The number is called the &#8220ejection fraction.” Trimmer said a test such as an echo-cardiogram can determine the ejection fraction. He said those at risk should attend the seminar as well as those who care for people with heart conditions.

&#8220The goal is to educate people to change their lifestyles and have a better quality of life,” said Trimmer. &#8220Twenty-five percent of patients who have congestive heart failure will die in two-and-a-half years despite medical therapy. We want to identify patients at the highest risk and improve their chances.”

The seminar is sponsored by Des Peres Hospital

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