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‘Come on down’ Lana Wickham

LOS ANGELES, CALIF – One Desloge resident will have the luxury of lying back in her brand new hot tub this summer courtesy of Bob Barker and the The Price is Right game show. While vacationing in California this week, Lana Wickham, was told to &#8220come on down” during a taping of the hit game show broadcast on CBS.

Wickham had originally won a trip to Las Vegas in a drawing.

&#8220I gave up that trip for a trip to California,” Wickham said. &#8220I love game shows and watch them all the time. I had always wanted to be a contestant on The Price is Right.”My kids had always been on me to go out there, because I they said I would make a good contestant. So we decided to take our trip to California to try to get on The Price is Right.

Wickham said she and her two grown children arrived in California on Sunday.

&#8220We got up at 3 a.m. Monday morning to go to the show,” Wickham said. &#8220The gates opened up at 6 a.m. When we got there were 281 in line. There were two tapings on Monday and we were lucky enough to get into the second show. While standing in line for 10 hours we got to know everyone around us. Most people were die hard fans just like I am. We were kind of like a big family. Two of the people that sat with us actually got called onto the show as contestants which was huge. Only nine people out of the 325 people in the audience actually get called onto the show.”

Wickham said she also had tickets for what she thought was Wednesday’s show.

&#8220We left the resort at midnight on Tuesday to go to the show,” Wickham said. &#8220When we got there and looked at the tickets we realized the tickets were actually for Tuesday’s taping and not Wednesday’s. My kids talked me into standing in line anyway to see if they would still let us in even though our tickets were for the day before. While in line we heard a conversation in which a person said that Tuesday’s taping had been canceled and that anyone with tickets to Tuesday’s show was told to come back to Wednesday’s show. I thought what a break. It was like God was making sure we were getting on the show.”

Wickham said she and her children were able to get into the audience of one of the tapings.

&#8220The first four people were called and they played a game,” Wickham said. &#8220After that I heard ‘Lana Wickham come on down’. When I got up on the stage I was in shock. After three prizes were given out, I won the hot tub.”

Wickham said being at the actual show is nothing like you see on T.V.

&#8220It’s so fast-paced. It’s like being on a roller coaster ride for 45 minutes and when you get off it’s like ‘woh’. The big wheel was very heavy. I thought I was going to fall down when I gave it a spin. The whole thing was thrilling, but exhausting,” Wickham said.

Wickham said the show she was on will air on Tuesday at 11 a.m. on CBS.

&#8220One good thing is that no matter what you win on the show, CBS ships it to your house for free. The only thing that you have to do is pay sales tax on the prizes,” Wickham said.

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