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Potosi remains under boil order

Tests results for one city well in Potosi continue to be positive for coliform, meaning residents in the affected area remain under a boil order, Potosi Mayor T. R. Dudley said this morning.

The only well showing contamination is Well No. 4, which services the area north of a line from Valley Road to Wreath Street to State Street. Residents in other areas are serviced by different wells and their water is free of bacteria.

Most businesses and restaurants in town are not serviced by Well No. 4, which tested positive for coliform over the weekend. One test also showed E. coli, but a second test was negative for that bacteria. E.coli tests have been negative since Saturday, Dudley said.

The city continues to flush the system and test it daily. Together with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), they are testing the well further and are looking into a possible contamination site.

&#8220A video shows holes in the casing of the well that they grouted around several years ago,” Dudley said.

DNR will do special tests on the well today that involve testing at five minute intervals, with periodic shutdown and restarting of the pump, Dudley said.

Until further notice, residents in the affected area should continue to boil water.

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