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Family of Shawn Rulo gives thanks

He arrived at the emergency room near death, but now he is going home full of life and just in time for Thanksgiving.

Six-year-old Shawn Rulo is smiling, talking and he is going home earlier than expected, Cardinal Glennon Medical officials confirmed today. Earlier, officials had said the boy, who was accidentally shot in the head in October, would have to stay in the hospital a minimum of six months.

His mother Gena AuBuchon could not be reached for comment at press time about her son’s release from the hospital. However, in previous reports she had described Rulo as a &#8220miracle” for his remarkable recovery.

When the child arrived at Cardinal Glennon his heart and lungs were working, but life signs were limited, doctors say. He hung at the edge of life as family members hoped for a miracle. After emergency surgery, Rulo was placed in a medically induced coma for several days to encourage brain swelling to subside.

He was gradually brought out of the coma in mid-October. Consciousness returned slowly and he finally opened his eyes Oct. 17. He regained abilities bit by bit, smiling, laughing, talking, writing his ABCs.

Doctors have not given a public prognosis for the boy, but have said he could make a full physical recovery.

A trust fund has been set up at area US Banks to help the family pay medical expenses for the child’s care. He did not have insurance, family members say.

The shooting occurred Oct. 10 at the home of Rulo’s grandfather, Ricky Lee Rulo Sr., 48, of Cadet. The 29-year-old father, Ricky Lee Rulo Jr., was living there at the time. Shawn was visiting his father.

Both men were arrested soon after the shooting for violating probation and were held in the Washington County Jail without bond.

&#8220Both the father and grandfather were on probation and were not supposed to own or be in possession of a firearm,” said Washington County Sheriff Kevin Schroeder at the time.

The sheriff and family members have said they believe the shooting was accidental, however police have concluded it was also negligent.

Police say Rulo used an illegal substance prior to the shooting and have charged Rulo Jr. with unlawful use of a weapon, for possessing a firearm while intoxicated or impaired, and endangering a child’s welfare in the second degree.

According to the probable cause statement in the case, Rulo Jr. had used marijuana prior to accidentally firing the gun while unloading it.

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