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Land Transfers

Easement James E. Cunningham and wife to Richard Robbins.

QCD Ivan San Socie and wife to Ivan San Socie and wife.

QCD Maleta Tinnin to Sandra J. Poor et al.

WD Raymond E. Bollinger and wife by Trustee to Joshua Collier and wife.

WD Irene Tesreau et al to Robert A. Tesreau et al.

WD Melvin G. Dowd Trust to Steven Wayne Smith and wife.

WD Kenneth Warren et al to James F. DeBold and wife.

WD Daren Brown Construction Company to Nancy Jo Sikes.

WD John W. Matthew and wife to John E. McCarver, Jr. and wife.

QCD Kathryn Lunsford to Randall E. Shoemaker, Trustee.

WD Herschel D. Savage and wife to Walter Todd Smallen and wife.

WD Monument Street Funding to Corky G.L. Bishop and wife.

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