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Park Hills to name Fairgrounds interchange

Park Hills City Council tonight will vote on a name for the Fairgrounds interchange, currently under construction at U.S. 67. The regular monthly meeting begins at 7 p.m. in Council chambers at City Hall.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) asked the city to choose a name for the road that will cross over U.S. 67 to connect Woodlawn Drive to Flat River Road near the St. Francois County Fairgrounds.

Choosing the name now will allow businesses along U.S. 67 to include the proposed road in its advertising plans, and will let MoDOT finalize drawings for the area.

The Fairways interchange is one of the last steps in a plan to improve safety on U.S. 67 from the Leadington interchange to the Maple Street interchange in Farmington. MoDOT currently is building a northbound ramp from Maple Street to U.S. 67. Once the Fairgrounds interchange is completed, all right-on, right-off ramps in that stretch will be closed.

The Council also will discuss cost estimates for the new Public Works Building. Brockmiller Construction estimates the project will cost a total of $330,392.90, with the city handling site preparation, utilities, storm drainage and paving. If some options are deleted, cost could be cut by about $20,400.

Recommended options would be to move the building about five feet north to save $8,000 for the retaining wall; delete the interior fence in the storage area, keep the electric door operators on all doors but change the overhead doors to self-storing roll-up doors; keep the floor hardening in the shop area; eliminate the termite treatment; eliminate the awning over the office entrance; keep the elevated windows in the truck storage area; and keep the original building supplier.

The Council also will address a pay scale adjustment for regular and seasonal employees to reflect the minimum wage increase that will take effect Jan. 1. Voters passed Proposition B in November to raise the minimum wage to $6.50. City staff predicts minimal effects in the city due to a limited number of employees who currently earn minimum wage, as well as the limited number of hours per week those employees work.

Staff also has proposed a severance plan for department heads in the event of an involuntary termination that is not because of neglect of duty, felony convictions and other stipulated grounds for firing. Severance would be limited to 13 weeks of pay if the termination is not &#8220for cause.”

In other business, the Council will address the holiday schedule, Christmas dinner, unlimited trash dates, an annexation public hearing, a December work session and filing for April elections.

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