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Assessor hires Assessor Elect

FARMINGTON – St. Francois County Assessor Curt Boyer recently announced he is hiring Assessor Elect Dan Ward to serve as a field representative in the assessor’s office. Ward will replace Jerry Cross, who announced he would be leaving his position in the office earlier in the fall.

&#8220This is the beginning of the transition which will eventually transfer control of the assessment process to Dan Ward on Sept. 1, 2007,” Boyer said in a press release. &#8220We felt this was in the best interest of the people of St. Francois County to make sure that the change of command is a seamless process. The assessor position is one of the more difficult positions to assume because of the sheer volume of work involved and the complexity involved in mass appraisal in a county the size of St. Francois County.”

Boyer said it made sense to give Ward the ability to see what is involved in his new position prior to taking office in September.

Ward said he is looking forward to being part of the assessor’s office at the ground level.

&#8220The job of field appraiser is the foundation of the assessor’s office,” Ward said in a press release. &#8220By learning the basics, as assessors did across the state in the original assessment process and even today in counties with a small number of parcels, I will have the ability to appraise and will be able to assist in training new field appraisers as the county and staff grow.”

Ward said because experience does better prepare an individual, the practice of hiring an incoming assessor is not new.

&#8220Our previous assessor was hired after winning his election in 1976,” Ward said. &#8220I realize the staff of the assessor’s office do an outstanding job and have been self sufficient for quite some time. My position in the office until September 2007 will be strictly a learning period and though I will be glad to give my input, the final decision on any issue will be up to the current assessor, as my authority will be limited to assigned tasks. I look forward to serving the people of St. Francois County.”

In addition to serving as a field representative, Ward will also be responsible for long range planning and an assortment of other projects that will allow him to see the entire assessment process.

Ward, a Democrat, defeated Boyer for the assessor’s seat 9,769-8,512 in the Nov. 7 election.

Boyer was appointed to the county’s assessor seat in June of 2005 by Governor Matt Blunt after the death of then Assessor Damon Black.

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