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Bismarck considers extended airport lease

BISMARCK – The Bismarck Board of Aldermen will be discussing the option of extending the airport lease to a 20-year lease from a four-year lease during its meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday.

&#8220I am recommending that we extend the lease because a four-year lease just isn’t long enough,” said Bismarck Mayor Dennis Mayberry. &#8220Dan Govero is wanting to do some good things up there and four years just isn’t long enough.”

The board will also discuss an ordinance that will establish winter hours for Sundale Park. The board previously discussed the item and requested that an ordinance be drawn up for final approval.

Dustin R. Garling is to address the board concerning a dog nuisance problem.

Training sessions for the Dream Initiative applicants is also listed as a topic of discussion.

&#8220This is for training on our revitalization grants,” Mayberry said. &#8220The board needs to decide whether or not we want to send anyone to these particular training sessions.”

While it’s not listed as part of Thursday’s agenda, Mayberry said he is hopeful that news on the purchase of generators for the city becomes an amended item.

&#8220Right now we are waiting for the figures from the electrician to see how much it is going to cost to put the generators in,” Mayberry said. &#8220I am hopeful we know something by the time we meet on Thursday. This is something that we are going to stay on and get done.”

The city is considering purchasing generators for the fire department, the maintenance shed and the police department.

&#8220We are looking at generators that cost between $12,000-$17,000 for the maintenance building and fire department,” Mayberry said in a previous interview. &#8220The generator for the police department will most likely cost under $900.” Following the ice storm on Nov. 30 most of Bismarck was without power for several days.

&#8220We were within an hour of losing the capability to fight fires over here because our water was freezing,” Mayberry said in a previous interview. &#8220We had two generators and they both went out on us.”

Since the storm Mayberry and the board have made it a priority to be better prepared in the event of another storm.

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