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Puppy dumping still plagues Madison County

Two more stories of puppies being dumped. Local resident Terry Rauls has found five strays around his property and some cats. Rauls said he has many ages of dogs available. If anyone wants a puppy, dog or cat, he will provide one free of charge. Rauls said he is also considering giving up his house dog of three years, to help one of the strays. a female Beagle, that has been spayed, had shots and been wormed,

You can call Terry Rauls at 783-3365 after 5 p.m.

The City of Fredericktown animal pound had a tub of puppies left overnight. Animal Control Officer Dan Welker said the puppies had obviously been left there overnight as they were wet shivering and very hungry.

Three yellow colored puppies and two black colored puppies are available. Call 783-3660 to arrange an appointment.

Spaying or neutering will help prevent unwanted companion animals.

The National Epidemic “No other disease or condition of companion animals takes as many lives as euthanasia. In fact, no other disease comes close.”

Janet M. Scarlett, DVM, Cornell University

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