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‘Work at home’ scam takes man’s money

Two Daily Journal readers contacted the paper Thursday to report separate and very diverse scams – one involving money for charity and the second a ‘work at home’ scheme.

The first was reported by a Farmington senior citizen who reads our regular Scam Alerts in the newspaper. She did not want her name used in our story, but she wanted to help others avoid the trap she knew was a scam from the very beginning.

&#8220They (the scammers) were always calling late in the evening,” she said. &#8220I usually have taken my pills and am dozing when they call.”

She said the last time they called, she was so angry she thinks they might not call her back.

&#8220They represented themselves as being with the Veterans of Foreign Wars,” she said. &#8220They told me that if I would give them $75 I would get a bronze star; for $50, I would get a gold star and for $35, I would get a silver star.

&#8220‘I know you can give us something,’” she said the scammer told her.

&#8220I said ‘Why are you selling stars? You don’t sell them. My husband was in World War II, Korea and in Vietnam. You earn those stars, you don’t buy them.’”

She said the man told her that they wanted to give her something to show that she had given to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. When she asked him to show her proof of where the money was going, she said he got angry and slammed the phone down.

A friend encouraged this woman to call the paper and report this scam so no one would fall for it.

A Fredericktown reader on disability drove to the Daily Journal’s Park Hills office to provide the newspaper and our readers information about a ‘work at home’ scheme. He fell for it, but he wanted to keep others from making the same mistake.

He said he had been reading the Daily Journal’s Scam Alert series on our Web site lately, but he just wished he had read the stories before December 7.

This man did not want his name published in our story. He told us how he received a promotional package in the mail which offered the opportunity for him to receive $1,500 for mailing 50 packages, $3,000 for mailing 100 packages and $6,000 for mailing 200 packages.

&#8220As a home worker, this is your way to make very good money, working with an honest ethical and reputable company,” the letter stated.

Here’s how the scam worked. He mailed a check on December 7 for $58 to a Florida address and he was supposed to receive 50 packages. There were other options including $198 for 200 packages and $298 for 400 packages.

The letter stated that the packages were small and easy to mail. It further stated that the customers are happy and eager to receive these high valued packages because they contain very valuable information that can make them a lot of money.

The long and short of this story is the check was cashed and the Fredericktown man received nothing in the mail. When he tried calling for information on the company he was told they had no phone listing. His brother-in-law checked the address and found it was just a building where mail could be received..

&#8220I was on disability and I though the extra money might help supplement my small income,” he said. &#8220I had heard there were legitimate things of this nature, so I thought that this was one of them. Everything looked very professional.

&#8220I learned not to do anything until I’ve researched it from now on. I’ve always been a very trustworthy person, but right now, even though $58 isn’t that much money, I would like to put the man in jail that did this to me. It just upsets me to no end,” he said.

A scam story in Thursday’s paper prompted several reader responses on the Daily Journal Web site,

One woman wrote, &#8220It’s amazing what we get in the mail everyday. So many offers for credit cards, insurance and etc. Thanks to all that have called the Daily Journal with information about identity theft to help the public. Always call the police and take fast action if this happens to you. It happened to me and it could happen to you. Also watch what you put on the computer about yourself. There are people out there just waiting for your information. Thanks again for the information.”

The Daily Journal has made a commitment to keep readers abreast of scams that hit our area. If someone tries to make you the victim of a scam, call us at (573) 431-2010 and tell us what happened. We will include your story in our scam alert series to prepare others who may find themselves in the same situation.

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