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MAAA All Conference Basketball Teams 2006-2007


Large School Division—1st Team: Jimmy Thompson-Central, Parks Peterson-Farmington, Dustin Bess-Fredericktown, Chuck Schwartz-North County and Tyler Beers-North County.

2nd Team: Nick Counts-North County, Chad Moss-North County, Deon Glaspy-Farmington, Travis Massie-Farmington, Jerod Williams-Fredericktown, Kory Faulkner-Ste. Genevieve and Aaron Bates-Central.

Small School Division—1st Team: Dereck Wilson-Arcadia Valley, Tim Lincoln-Bismarck, Aaron Dickey-Valley of Caledonia, Corey Whelehon-West County and Terry Moore-West County.

2nd Team: John Tedder-Valley of Caledonia, Victor James-Arcadia Valley, Mike Franklin-Bismarck, Kyle Basler-Valle Catholic and Larry Lemons-Kingston.

Honorable Mention: J.C. Lawson-Valley of Caledonia and Logan Smith-Arcadia Valley.


Large School Division—1st Team: Courtney Kemp-Fredericktown, Briley Milfeld-Farmington, Lindsay Rhodes-Ste. Genevieve, Betsy Royer-Fredericktown, Natalie Sago-Farmington and Sydney Winslow-Farmington.

2nd Team: Sara Flieg-Ste. Genevieve, Haley Motley-North County, Chelsea Pinson-Central and Tricia Ward-Fredericktown.

Honorable Mention: Taylor Jensen-Farmington and Johnna Tinnin-Fredericktown.

Small School Division—1st Team: Kassie Walker-Arcadia Valley, Chelsey Politte-Bismarck, Brooke Taylor-Bismarck, Loren Goggin-Arcadia Valley, Katie Bergtholdt-Valle Catholic and Sarah Kearns-Valley of Caledonia.

2nd Team: Kara Harrison-West County, Gail Williams-Arcadia Valley, Holly Blunt-Bismarck and Taylor Brachbill-Valle Catholic.

Honorable Mention: Leah Kniess-Bismarck and Chelsie Kelly-West County.

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