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Police warn about paving scam

FARMINGTON — The Farmington Police Department is warning area residents about a driveway paving scam. According to the department, two incidents occurred on June 28 in which an out of area company contacted residents and said they had an extra load of asphalt from a previous job and they could make the consumer “a really good deal” if he or she wanted to have their driveway paved. In the incidents the contractor pushed the consumers to have the work done and did not provide a written estimate as to what the work would cost.

Police warn that in reality, there is no extra asphalt from a previous job and the consumer is charged a price that is higher than a reasonable charge.

In both of the incidents on June 28, consumers contacted other family members and the police before they had the work done.

Paving scam warning signs include selling door-to-door, claiming they have leftover asphalt from another job, pushing for a quick decision, no official contract is offered, cash only sales, deals that seem too good to be true and the contractor’s use of an unmarked truck.

When considering a home repair always get all estimates, guarantees and work dates in writing, get a second bid when possible, be suspicious of a door-to-door solicitor, check ID before allowing someone to enter your home, check the credentials of the company, walk away from any deal in which the contractor uses the lingo “now or never” and make payment only when the work is done to your satisfaction.

Police warn that scam artists’ largest targets are senior citizens.

If anyone has any information about any possible scams they are asked to call the Farmington Police Department at (573) 756-6686 or their local police department.

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