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Two new members take oath of office

BISMARCK — The Bismarck Board of Aldermen has two new members. Aldermen Ladonna Haefner and Carol Baker were both sworn in to office during Thursday’s board of aldermen meeting.

Haefner defeated Incumbent Andy Russel in the April 3 election for Ward I and Carol Baker ran unopposed for Ward II. Baker’s seat was formerly held by Noah Meade who decided not to run for re-election.

“I want to welcome Carol Baker and Ladonna Haefner to the board,” said Mayor Dennis Mayberry. “At the same time I want to extend a special thanks to Noah Meade and Andy Russell. We appreciate their time they gave us on the board. Both men are special people.”

Prior to Baker and Haefner being sworn it, the old board met to discuss some old business. An invoice from TomCat Consultants was briefly discussed and will be given to the finance committee for further review.

“This was an invoice that we didn’t receive until two to three years after the job was done,” Mayberry said. “It’s for approximately $1,200. We are going to have the finance committee take a look at because it is so old.”

The old board tabled discussion about the airport lease pending a response back from the city’s attorney.

The new board elected Alderman Sioux Young to serve as the Mayor Pro-tem.

Blake Bastien of Centerpoint was on hand to give a presentation concerning the city’s natural gas buying and storing for the present year.

“He gave us a report on the advantage of storing our gas rather buying it on the open market,” Mayberry said. “We are going to continue storing it because it looks like you would go broke if you had to buy it on the open market.”

Seth Radford, the president of the Bismarck Rural Fire Department, gave a report on upcoming events for the fire department.

“Seth said the finances are looking a lot better for the department,” Mayberry said. “He invited the board to come down at any time and look at the budget for the department.”

James W. Lynch Jr. also addressed the board concerning a property dispute.

The board discussed the possibility of purchasing a new fire truck with the proceeds of a grant.

“We are just looking in to this at this point,” Mayberry said. “I don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up, but it’s something we are looking at.”

The board approved the placement of stop signs at each end of Roberta Drive just off of Cedar Lane. A letter from citizens concerning traffic problems on Roberta Drive prompted the board’s action.

The board approved a request from Firmin to purchase flowers for decorative areas throughout the city.

The city will also vacate an easement of an alley between 1407 Center and 1421 Center Street.

“We are vacating the property and giving it back to the property owners because keep it doesn’t serve the city any purpose,” Mayberry said.

The board also decided to use East Missouri Action Agency for its summer workforce.

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