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Relay for Life

Did you know…

The American Cancer Society provided direct services to Heartland Division and their Southern Missouri Region.

In 2005 they helped approximately 5,000 new cancer patients in Kansas and Missouri through services, programs, referrals, and information. The Heartland Division served more than 23,000 patients.

Seven-hundred and seventy-seven cancer patients undergoing treatment were provided lodging by the Hope Lodges of Kansas City and St. Louis totaling 20,610 nights of service. Of those 777 patients, 250 came from the Southern Missouri Region, staying a total of 5,960 nights. Since 1995, more than 2,000 guests have been provided lodging at the Hope Lodges, totaling $1 million.

The American Cancer Society has been involved in many of the major cancer research breakthroughs of the century. Their research: Found that aspirin use could reduce the risk of colon cancer death by half. Created the Pap test to detect cervical cancer, reducing deaths from the disease by 70%.

Watch for your chance to help Relay For Life all around town.

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