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Desloge brothers arrested after chase

Police arrested a pair of brothers from Desloge, ages 27 and 29, and charged them with an assortment of traffic and other offenses following a weekend car chase.

The arrests came after a dispatch to a convenience store regarding some stolen liquor and a subsequent traffic stop. The call came in at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday to watch for a maroon four-door Toyoto car with Missouri license plates. The caller said a man in the car had just stolen alchohol from the C-barn convenience store on Ste. Genevieve Avenue.

Within a  minute an officer had spotted the car near the intersection of Karsch Boulevard and Washington Street. As he pulled the car over he later said he suspected the driver might try to get away.

The driver stopped his car near the intersection of Washington and Colorado streets. The police officer walked up to the car and began talking to the two occupants about the earlier incident at the convenience store. The police report shows the passenger, age 27, admitted to stealing alcohol from the store and showed one bottle to the officer. When the policeman told the driver to turn the motor off, the passenger reportedly yelled “Go … go … go.” The driver hit the gas and took off from the scene.

A pursuit ensued and the driver of the car eventually ran through the intersection of Pine and Washington streets, striking a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer occupied by two females. Neither was injured according to the police record.

The maroon Toyota continued on Washington Street eventually turning west on Karsch. When the chase reached the corner of Karsch and Potosi Street the car struck a concrete island in the intersection — leaving it disabled.

Both passengers, later discovered to be brothers, were arrested despite offering some resistance to officers. Both were taken to the county jail and eventually booked.

Police Chief Rick Baker said the youngest was booked on counts of stealing and resisting arrest by fleeing. His bond was set at $8,000. The driver was booked on counts of failure to stop at a stopsign, felony leaving the scene of an accident, driving without headlights, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, and driving while intoxicated. His bond was set at $10,500.

Baker added that all three bottles stolen from the convenience store, totaling $63.97, were recovered and returned to the store.

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