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Desloge residents look over plans for outer road

DESLOGE — Approximately 30 residents attended a public hearing Monday at the Desloge City Hall about planning for the U.S. 67 Eastern Outer Road.

“It was an informal meeting in which residents could ask questions about the planning of the new outer road,” said Linda Moore, acting city administrator and City Clerk. “We had both positive and negative comments. Most of the objections were directed towards why the engineers are not using the current road that already exists.”

Moore said it’s her understanding the proposed route for the outer road is the best avenue for commercial growth.

“In order for commercial growth to occur on both sides of the road, this is the best route from what I understand,” Moore said.

Maps, plats, environmental documentation and other detailed information prepared for Desloge were available for public inspection and copying at Desloge City Hall during the meeting.

“Residents looked at the maps to see how their properties will be affected,” Moore said. “A lot of the questions focused on how the road is going to affect individual property owners.”

The construction of the Eastern Outer Road will be east of US 67 extending from Highway 8 south to the Parkway Interchange, including the bridge crossing Flat River.

In May 2006 the board of aldermen approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission that provided financing for the outer road.

The estimated cost for the project is $4,027,619, but through the agreement Desloge will only be responsible for $1.125 million. The remainder will be paid by the federal government and MoDOT.

Moore said residents have 10 days from Monday to submit their comments in writing to City Hall if they want them to become part of the public hearing transcript.

“The next step is for the engineers to get together with city officials and MoDOT to go over the comments and evaluate them,” Moore said. “Construction of the new road is scheduled to get under way in 2008.”

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