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Letter to the Editor

My parents are buried in Marcus Memorial Park and each year my sisters and I put flowers on their graves on the holidays they are allowed. We usually leave them there for a few days then go back and pick them up.

My dad’s birthday was June 19th, which is around Father’s Day. We put flowers on his grave Friday before Father’s Day, but when I drove by the cemetery on Tuesday, I noticed one of the bunches of flowers were gone. I went back to check to make sure it had not blown off, but it was nowhere to be found.

I just wonder if someone couldn’t afford to buy flowers for a loved one’s grave and decided to take my dad’s, which would have been ok with him because that was the kind of man he was. If it was a thoughtless act, then I feel sorry for them because they apparently have no respect for those passed on and probably have no respect for the living families.

                         Velma Pyles

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