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Keep anxious pets safe around fireworks this holiday season

With the 4th of July upon us, fireworks will undoubtedly be a form of celebration for many people. Some animals don’t mind the noise, but it can cause fear and anxiety in others so it’s best to take a few precautions.

If your pet will be able to hear fireworks from inside your home, it may be best to provide some indoor “white noise” in the form of a loud stereo or a television that will block out some of the sound, according to Dr. Stephen Brammeier from Kingsbury Animal Hostpital in St. Louis, Missouri.

Anxious pets who are fearful of the sounds may find haven in a safe den or a place he or she can hide, he says. If you are shooting fireworks at your home, be sure to police the yard for “spent” fireworks, so your pet does not chew on them. Most importantly, if your pet is scared of the noise, it’s best to keep them out of the action. “Never force the pet to be around anything that frightens them (in order to) ‘get them used to it,’” Brammeier says.

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