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Letter to the Editor


Mr. Richard Brewer, Deputy of Public Affairs, from Scott Air Force Base, Ill.  advised me that the Air Force has selected the St. Louis area as a site for Air Force Week, from July 2-8. The objective of Air Force Week is to help raise public awareness of Air Force operations, capabilities, and contributions to the Global War on Terror and showcase our airmen.

President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947, officially establishing the U.S. Air Force as a separate service under the National Military Establishment, later renamed the Department of Defense.

The United States Air Force embraces its proud legacy and pays tribute to the dedication, sacrifice, and contributions of those who pioneered the skies. This 60-year heritage of global vigilance, reach and power is the foundation of the Air Force and spans to horizons of continued innovation and excellence.

“When I think of airmen, I am reminded of World War II stories told to me by a long time friend, businessman and resident of Farmington, Cecil Hulsey. I’m confident that each of you have a relative or special friend who is presently serving or has served in the United States Air Force. As mayor of Farmington I encourage all citizens to join me in showing our gratitude to all our nation’s Airmen during the week of July 2 through July 8.”

Jeannie Roberts

Mayor of Farmington

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