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Renovations at library near completion

DESLOGE — The Desloge Board of Aldermen learned that renovations at the library are near completion at its regular monthly meeting on Thursday. The meeting was moved to Thursday from Monday because the board lacked a quorum for the July 9 meeting.

“I was afraid I would have some bad news for you,” said Desloge City Administrator Greg Camp. “However, it turns out that it’s going to work out. The original project called for the existing electrical service to be replaced by Ameren’s three-phase service. However, it turns out that Ameren doesn’t have the service available within three blocks of the library. Ameren wanted to charge us $15,000-$20,000 to run the lines and install the poles so the service would be available.”

Camp said he discussed other options with the contractors to see if there was a less expensive route to go.

“It was decided that we could continue with the existing electrical service. I got a call earlier this week from Ameren that said there was no problem with staying with the existing electric service as long as we replaced a couple of the panels. And the cost will be minimal.”

Camp said carpet will be installed in the library within the next week.

In other matters the board discussed updating the city’s building codes to the 2006 International Building Codes. The board told the city building inspector to obtain prices for the materials and bring them back to the next board meeting.

A request for a liquor license for the VFW Post 2426 on July 22 was approved along with a liquor license for Sheri Ketcherside. Ketcherside is purchasing the Hoosier Daddy’s liquor store.

A resolution was passed for East Missouri Action Agency to operate a Head Start program at 903 E. Chestnut.

The board also approved ordinances that allow for a plat addition to the Abby Lane Estate subdivision. The board also approved an ordinance that allows for the city to enter into a contract with Camp for employment.

During the payment of the bills, Newman Contracting submitted a bill for $125,460 for the painting of the water tank. Camp informed the board that there had been some complaints about overspray damage. Camp said he advised residents to make police reports and document the damage. He said he had been in contact with the management at Newman Contracting and he was assured that any overspray damages would be taken care of.

“In talking with some of the residents who made the complaints, the feeling I got was that Newman Contracting was blowing them off saying it wasn’t their responsibility to fix the problems created by the overspray. According to our contract, it is their responsibility.”

The board then voted to withhold $100,000 of the requested $125,460 until the damage is fixed or the parties involved are satisfied.

During the public comment session Debbie Thurston asked that Cowling Street be closed off at the strip mall. The board told Thurston that when the strip mall was being built it was discussed and decided that the outlet was necessary for emergency vehicles. Thurston said it has become a major problem with traffic coming down Cowling Street and proceeding through the parking lot of the strip mall.

“I am concerned someone is going to get run over or that there will be an accident,” Thurston said.

The board discussed the possibility of putting up signs and installing speed bumps to slow the traffic. The board said they would visit the property to see what the best remedy will be.

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