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By the way…

Good news, good news! Debbie had an orange-size lymph node removed from under her arm on the 13th, and

has received word that is was not cancerous. We still don’t know the cause of her lymph nodes being swollen, but are relieved about the biopsy and trusting God to see her through.

I watched part of the Oprah show last week about a lady who was obsessed with hoarding every thing that came into her hands. She had almost buried herself and her husband with stuff and she wanted a way out but couldn’t stop herself. Her husband couldn’t stop her either, and was very discouraged and overwhelmed. Anyway, in the short time that I was able to watch, I picked up a couple of strategies that helped the hoarding lady in her quest for space and freedom. One of the rules was that she had to deliberately distinguish between the items that were important to their lives, and the things that weren’t. And the second step was that she had to decide what and how much she was going to allow herself to keep, and kiss the rest good-bye. Couldn’t we all use this information at one time or another? Of course, had the lady not wanted to change her ways and her home, there is probably no rule or no person who could have helped her, but she was willing to do what had to be done.

Do I adhere to these rules? I wish! But, I do intend to keep them at the forefront of my mind as I go about the never-ending job of trying to keep the bat cave here, clean (reasonably) and tidy (as opposed to full-blown dump site). I’m definitely not as bad as the lady on Oprah, but then she wasn’t always that bad either. I am enough like her that I can commiserate with her plight, and I know that I want to keep my own ship tightened up lest I too, reach the point of no return. It is said that “A word to the wise is sufficient,” so Oprah has provided several good words to be thought about and used by those of us who find a good fit in this particular shoe.

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