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Truancy court for students

Sixth grade teacher Mary Jane Robertson at Windsor Middle School organized a program to improve attendance for students who miss 10 or more days of unexcused absences.

Such students receive notification to appear in truancy court via letter, e-mail and a phone call. Parents are also encouraged to attend.

The court held its first session in early January and convenes every other Thursday morning.

The truancy court functions the same as a regular court hearing. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy Larry Michaels, a School Resource Officer, serves as the bailiff and calls the court to order. A judge presides.

The truancy court addresses attendance concerns as well as the academics, behavior and character of each student.

Another goal of the truancy court is to keep young people out of the juvenile system.

Once a student demonstrates a change in attendance pattern, the student can graduate from the program with the judge’s recommendation.

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