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Putting lifesaving training to use

March has been dedicated as National Red Cross month by President George W. Bush. Recognized for “leading humanitarian efforts and home and around the world”, the organization works to prepare communities, businesses, organizations, individuals, and schools to be prepared in the case of emergencies.

The organization stresses the importance of preparedness in the event of emergencies and offers a number of important programs and training seminars to better prepare the community.

Kelly Barnhouse never could have imagined the safety training she received through her place of work would be put into service.

Barnhouse was dining at a local restaurant recently with her husband, Joe, and daughter, Emily. As they sat at their table, they heard someone say “she’s choking” and noticed another customer in obvious distress.

“I stood up, walked over and stood behind her and gave two quick pulses (abdominal thrusts),” says Barnhouse. “She began talking after the second pulse.”

Barnhouse recalled it happened so quickly that she didn’t really have time to comprehend all that was happening.

“I started shaking when I went back to my table to sit down,” Barnhouse admits.

The training she took part in was something she admits she never really expected to use, especially on someone she didn’t know.

“When you take the training, you think it’s good to know because you have children. But it never occurred to me it could help someone I did not know,” she said.

Since Barnhouse’s daughter was there at the same time, she hopes this incident will be a “good example for her”. And although their son, Adam, was not with the family at the time, Barnhouse feels this can be an “encouragement for him to sign up for training” in First Aid.

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