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City holds Full Council meeting

Two new stop signs coming to Buford and Park. The intersection will be a four way stop.

The City of Fredericktown held their usual Full Council meeting Monday, March 24.

The public is encouraged to drive by Memorial Park and see the Rockwall bathrooms being constructed. The Council paid for most of the materials with donations coming from individuals and Madison Medical Center. The work is being completed by an all volunteer crew from the Park Board, and local business men and caring people who have dedicated some of their free time to the work. The City provided a list of the volunteers who have worked on this project:

Dave Ward, John Clark, Chuck Penuel, Greg Burns, Robert Sullivan, Mike Gifford, Mike O’Gara, Scott Starkey, David Whitener, Scott Bumgardener, Rodney Starkey and Alderman Paul Fritch.

City Administrator Michael O’Gara reported his attendance to several meetings in the last few weeks including; Southeast Missouri Regional Planning (SEMORP), met with the Chamber of Commerce Director, attended the Highway 72 Bypass groundbreaking, the Extension Council banquet, met with a business magazine editor which is planning a story on Fredericktown, the USDA Rural Development about possible grants, including the pre-engineering Community Development Block Grant the City has, the Industrial Development Authority, the Extension Council, tourism, Missouri Public Energy Pool (MoPEP) including MoPEP approval  of a Statement of Process which is another step toward the sale of the electric utility to Black River Electric, and the Chamber Board meeting. O’Gara also asked for the aldermen to approve expenditures related to the repair of the Bypass project culvert which was damaged by the recent flood waters. An emergency was created when a 15 inch main sewer line was damaged and caused collateral damage to the bypass culvert project. The unexpected costs of the work were approved by motion and vote. The City hopes to recoup 75 percent of the costs through help from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) since several areas of Missouri were declared a disaster area, including Madison County, by the president.

A request by  Kenny McDowell was approved by the aldermen. McDowell will be allowed to cut and remove hay at the landfill and the airport at the employee’s expense.

In light of the recent flooding, Ward I Alderman Paul Fritch raised a concern about the adequacy of the engineering and amount of the MoDOT culverts at the access road to the Business Park. A discussion with MoDOT about the culvert was under consideration.

An ordinance was approved to install two stop signs at Buford Blvd. and Park Drive along West Main St. to control East-West bound traffic. Wared I Alderman Brandon Hale noted the need for a stop sign at the alley way next to the library.

Council motioned to  pay the bills.

In Remarks of Personal Privilege;

Ward III Alderman Fay Shrum said it was a privilege to serve with Mayor Karen Yates. She said the mayor did a good job. She then said all the aldermen did a good job. (The next council meeting will be Mayor Yates last meeting).

Ward III Alderman Mark Tripp said he has heard a lot of people say the hospital won’t get rid of the ambulance. Tripp said, “They Will!” Tripp said he believes if the ambulance district tax doesn’t pass, the ambulance service will stop and people will die. Tripp also thanked the electric department for their quick installation of a street light, which went up the next day once he pointed out the need. Tripp said they did a great job.

Ward I Alderman Paul Fritch extended his appreciation to Robert Sullivan and Chuck Penuel as Fritch questioned them while they worked on the Rockwall bathroom project. He said the bathrooms are looking nice.

Vince Grieshaber said he appreciated the help Kenny McDowell, the water department and everybody who was involved  with equipment the wastewater department needed.

Resident Sandy LaPlant complimented the City on the clean up work going on along Lincoln Dr. (The swamp area). She also complimented the Council members who are coming off the City Council on the work they have done while serving.

Council adjourned.

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