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‘œPassport to Paradise’e

Prom Information

I. Prom is Saturday, April 19, at 7:00.

II. Pictures begin at 5:30 in the gym lobby. You will be allowed in the lobby only and must exit immediately after your pictures have been taken.

III. At 6:00, the gym will be open to the public. This is your opportunity to bring visitors for inside photos and for them to view the decorations.

IV. At 6:30, we will begin clearing the gym. ALL visitors will be asked to leave. The gym will be completely cleared of everyone and students will re-enter the gym. At this time, you will vote for the prom king and queen. You will also receive your memory book as you re-enter the gym.

V. 7:00 the music starts and the fun begins!!

VI. Throughout the evening, the photographer will be in the lobby for additional pictures, especially those of groups.

VII. At approximately 8:30, food will be out in the lobby. While we will not offer a full dinner, you will have an abundance of “finger foods” including sandwiches, fruit, veggies, desserts, chips/dip ect. Also, prom servers will be bringing sodas to the tables throughout the evening.

VIII. Coronation: This will be held at approximately 10:00. The junior class selected the candidates. Everyone attending prom will vote on the winners. The presidents of the junior and senior classes along with the student council president will conduct crowning.

IX. 11:00 Prom ends. You have paid for the sound system until 11:00, so enjoy it until then! When you leave, please make sure you pick up all personal items. Every year we find cameras, purses, ect.


We have a “closed” prom. If you bring a guest for pictures, you are responsible for seeing that your guest exits at 7:00!

This is a “school” function! The same rules apply for your behavior. NO DRINKING/DRUGS either before you come or while you are on school property!

In order to go to prom, you need to be in school on Friday, April 18.

Dress is formal. You can and will be sent away if you decide to dress informally.

Formal wear means suit/tie for the guys and dresses/formal pantsuits for the girls.

Sponsors reserve the right to evaluate what you have on as appropriate or inappropriate. Use good judgment!

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