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Bismarck meets tonight

BISMARCK — Work on Bismarck’s West Side Sewer Project is finally done and the board of aldermen will meet tonight in special session to discuss payment for the work. The work was done by Loana Construction.

Bismarck Mayor Dennis Mayberry said Loana performed the final test on the new sewer addition Friday. The original contract between the city and Loana called for the work to be done prior to April’s board of aldermen meeting. However, due to ice and rain the work was delayed. During the April meeting the delay was discussed by the board and it was decided that the city still wanted Loana to do the work even though they were behind schedule.

City employee insurance for next year will also be discussed. Due to rising costs the board has tabled the measure up to this point and has requested additional information from two different carriers.

Bids for paving Indian Trails will also be discussed.

Mayberry said the Bismarck School District is currently in the process of paving its parking lots and now would be a good time to pave the road.

“We have several bids to look at,” Mayberry said.

When asked for an approximate cost of the paving, he said he didn’t know because he had not looked at the bids yet.

The board is also slated to discuss a request to close an alley on Pine and Cherry.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m.

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