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Former drug court participant gets 15 years

FARMINGTON — A man who was kicked out of the St. Francois County Drug Court program for drinking and driving was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

On Friday, David John Peck, 31, of Farmington, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for two counts of driving while intoxicated.

His attorney, Blake Dudley, had asked Circuit Court Judge Kenneth W. Pratte to consider a long-term drug treatment program instead.

Peck had become a participant in drug court last year after pleading guilty to driving while intoxicated. It was his fourth conviction for that.

While in the program, he was arrested for driving while intoxicated. According to court records, Farmington Police were called to a store where Peck was with his young child on Jan. 7.

Farmington Sgt. Larry Lacey arrived after Peck started the vehicle. He told Peck to shut it off. While speaking to Peck, Lacey observed that Peck smelled of alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Peck said that his driver’s license was revoked.

Peck failed field sobriety tests and his blood alcohol level registered at 0.155.

He was in the drug court program for an incident that occurred last March near Route H. He was the second St. Francois County drug court participant to be kicked out of the program.

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