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It is a sad day when a tax paying citizen, whose taxes help keep up the city streets, who has had a debilitating left foot injury by having the Talus bone dislocated given him a permanent injury that is not able to be rectified medically, can not drive his electric golf cart across the street to his place of employment that is approximately 30 feet from his driveway because of three complaints being made. I am suppose to start up my vehicle just to drive across the street on those mornings when I am unable to walk very well, burning up gas, adding to the air pollution problem, instead of using an Eco-friendly electric golf cart. What about the other golf carts being driven around town, one in particular that is being driven by a guy who doesn’t even have a driver’s license. Not to mention the 4 wheelers that are being operated on city streets. They want me to walk across a street that people blatantly disregard the speed limit and zoom down the street at all times of the day, including semi’s. With my injury, if I start across the street and a vehicle comes speeding down the road then I guess it is okay if I get hit cause I won’t be able to get out of the way quick enough with my injury.

Why is it legal to operate a scooter on the city streets, when they are a lot smaller than a golf cart and harder to see? Why do city workers drive unlicensed vehicles on city streets from the city shed to a job site? SAD DAY INDEED!!!!!

Buddy Michel

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