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Farmington opens bids for new technology

New technology from a bond issue, open house and ACT scores were among topics discussed at a meeting of the Farmington School Board Tuesday night.

On new technology, board members opened bids for a GPS tracking system, security surveillance equipment and online learning opportunities. The new system will be in place July 2009 if approved and agreed upon within the time allowed.

The Heartland Hero award was given to Penny Grechus, who had two children go through the Farmington Band and is still active with chaperoning, costumes and band boosters. The Feature Teacher was Sandra Crain, a Spanish teacher at the Farmington High School.

ACT scores were discussed and last year’s scores were one-tenth of a percent under average. Farmington High School graduated about 250 students which is under the average for the school. Only 110 students took the ACT test last year.

School officials are working to improve the scores of students and have set up online courses for students. ACT prep classes are offered through the high school. There were 39 College Now scholarships awarded to students and they averaged 27.9 as a score.

The open house for the 2008-2009 school year was discussed, the elementary schools had 1,772 students and families out of 1,900 attend open house, Lincoln Intermediate had about 89% attendance and the high school had about 587 students and families attend.

The high school attendance was up 10% from last year and the upper level classes had about 80 to 90% attendance in the open house.

The next meeting for the Farmington school board will be held Oct. 13.

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