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Man, woman argue about loaded weapon

BONNE TERRE — Shooting from your car is never a good idea. Shooting from your car when there is a police officer nearby is definitely a bad idea.

According to Bonne Terre Police, officers were watching for speeders on the new section of Raider Road near North County High School Tuesday night when a vehicle slowed down near them and fired a shot from the passenger side.

Bonne Terre Officer Chad Brown said he immediately pulled the vehicle over and asked the female driver and the male driver to put their hands in the air. While he was trying to get them to put their hands in the air, he saw a small child unrestrained in the back seat.

The officers placed the woman and man in restraints while they searched the vehicle for the weapon. Brown said they found a two-way radio and a loaded rifle with a wooden stock and a flashlight taped to the end of the barrel.

Because of the weapon, police said they asked if they had been poaching or trying to shoot an animal from the vehicle.

The woman told police that she and man were arguing while driving and the child pulled the gun out of the trunk through the seat. She said she was upset and asked the man if it was loaded and he pointed it out of the window and pulled the trigger.

The man said they were arguing about whether the gun was loaded and he fired it out the window. He said when he fired the weapon, he looked up and saw the police officer. The man said he did not know there was a school near by.

Because they suspected poaching, the police department called the local Conservation agent to search the wooded area for injured wildlife but none were found.

Both were taken to the county jail. Formal charges have not yet been filed so names are not being released.

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