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Cub-Arama a HUGE Success

Fabulous weather for a truly remarkable event. The weather for the last weekend of September was just as amazing as JP’s Midwest Cub-Arama Tractor Show turnout. The event this year brought 214 Cub and Cub Cadet tractors in to the area as well as 8 larger tractors and 1 Scout for a grand total of 223 IH displays. The show began on Thursday, September 25 with a monstrous start. Driving by you would never had thought it was just a set-up day. Tractors actually started arriving into Fredericktown on Wednesday afternoon, if you drove by the local motel you could see all the full trailers.

We had tractor owners and enthusiasts in from 18 states and Canada! A few highlights included: the huge success of the swap meet and on hand IH venders, kiddie tractor pull, the great tasting concessions, an open plowing field, fun games that tested the tractor driving ability of many, educating demonstrations, the tractor only parade, and two wonderful tractor cruises around town.

The winner of the brand new LT 1042 mower was announced on Saturday afternoon. It was Mrs. Dreymoir on Ironton, MO. There were many trophies given away on Saturday , with the help of the mayor, including: the Cub that traveled the furthest came from Groton SD (868 miles each way) and the furthest Cub Cadet came from Hinga, MI and the participant that brought the most Cubs had a total of 4 and the most Cub Cadets brought in by one participant was 7!

Anyone that ventured into this community was not short on things to do. Folks who took part in the tractor cruises were in for a treat at both Vance Vineyards on Friday for lunch and Madison Co Farm & Home on Saturday for many great displays. The City Wide yard sale turnout was great. Also, Pickin on the Square was a huge hit among the show participants, they LOVED the old time look of the square and the small town feel of folks relaxing together to terrific music. It was truly a great feeling to see so many new people enjoying our community.

Most tractor owners are calling the Cub-Arama their favorite “little tractor” show, even though it is becoming large in size and many have already made plans to return again next year and even comment that it is the highlight of their year!

As planning will soon begin for next year, we hope everyone makes plans to attend and take in this wonderful tractor show.

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