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Madison County Fair Livestock Show

The Livestock show was held October 3 at Wanda Priest Park.

The weather was fantastic, the assortment and quality of animals was wonderful, and the day was enjoyed by all. A country breakfast was provided for the Livestock Exhibitors and their families by Madison County Farm Supply. The Livestock Show premiums were made possible by local sponsors including: Black River Electric Coop, Farmington Livestock, Fredericktown Auction Company, Madison County Farm Bureau, Farm Bureau Insurance-Dennis Bess, agent, and Madison County Farm Supply. Don Mays provided 2 large tents to house the livestock. Dees Auction Service provided a portable speaker system that made it much easier to hear the judge’s comments.

Ben Davis, area livestock specialist, did an outstanding job of judging the livestock. Kendra Graham, area livestock specialist for Madison County, assisted the exhibitors in getting ready to enter the show ring. Also helping with the announcing and distribution of ribbons were Shea Davis and Dave Ward. After the livestock were judged, a Parade of Champions was held on North Main Street. Kristofor Kranjec led the parade with his champion Angus heifer, Impatient. At the end of the parade were Eddie Mouser and Gretchen Haas with their llamas. Other breeds of cattle in the parade were Charolais, brangus, jersey and commercial. Sheep and goats also participated in the parade. Comments form fairgoers included, “This is great,” “It seems like more people are attending,” “This event is getting bigger every year.” “This is wonderful for our community, we’ll tell our friends and be back next year.” Next year the Livestock Show will be held on Saturday, October 3, 2009, at Wanda Priest Park.

Listed below is a summary of the winners at the 2008 Livestock Show.


Beef-Michaela Haley

Dairy-Trisha Kirchdoerfer

Sheep-Robbie Lindsey

Goats-Eli Marcus


Champion Dairy Goat- Mary Settle

Champion Meat Goat- Mattie Barnes

Supreme Champion Goat- Mattie Barnes, Boer Goat


Champion Tunis-Hope Massey

Champion Suffolk-Robbie Lindsey

Champion Pygmy-Josie Tripp

Supreme Champion Sheep:: Robbie Lindsey, Suffolk Sheep


Supreme champion-Gretchen Haas


Supreme champion female-

Kirchdoerfer Jersey Farm

Supreme Champion male-

Kirchdoerfer Jersey Farm


Champion Angus female- Kristofor Kranjec

Champion Brangus female- Samantha Welker

Champion Brangus male- Samantha Welker

Champion Carolais female- Dylan Bonacker

Champion Charolais male-Michaela Haley

Champion Crossbred female: Michaela Haley

Supreme Beef female- Michaela Haley, crossbred

Supreme Beef male- Michaela Haley, Charolais


Champion large breed-Gretchen Haas, Angora

Champion small breed female-Elizabeth Koewig, American Daple Dutch

Champion small breed male- Hope Massey, Mini Lop

Guinea Pigs:

Champion- Hope Massey


Champion small breed- Nathan Massey, Black Rose Comb

Most unusual breed-Gretchen Haas, White Frizzles

Champion large breed- Abby Parson, Buff Orphington

Most unusual large breed- Hope Massey-Turkens

Pigeons- Champion: Greg Garcia, White Homing Pigeon

Most Unusual-Gretchen Haas, Trumpeter Pigeon


Champion-Micholas Massey, Pearl Guinea


Champion-Hunter Massey, Lavender Turkey


Champion-Hunter Massey-Green Call Duck

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