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Workforce Dreamers

Helping people understand that they have a very important role for their dreams to become a reality was one of the most significant steps in unleashing the energy of The Dream Manager for Workforce Employment Solutions. As a 14-year-old company that has a culture of employee motivation, they have “Moved Cheese” together, fixed “Broken Windows and Broken Business”, and even “Experienced Starbucks” as a

group. But until the company introduced the Dream Manager book in their company eight months ago, they did not touch the hearts, minds and souls of their staff.

In January 2008, Workforce Employment Solutions introduced the Dream Manager concept by buying the book for their 32 staff members and asked them to read it by February 1, 2008. As the management team moved throughout each office location over the next several weeks they spoke with staff members about how they liked the reading and asked their thoughts on implementing a similar program in the company. The response was overwhelming. They found that not only had the staff stopped dreaming, but many had forgotten how. In March 2008, the Workforce Dream Team was formed.

The program was started with 22 staff members volunteering their participation and the group currently consists of 26 active members. The goal of the group is to give individuals the courage to be honest enough with themselves to admit that they have forgotten how to dream, and also the confidence in knowing that they will be able to share their dreams with people who might be able to assist them in their quest to dream again.

In the early stages of the program it was found that physical and financial limitations were top contenders on the list of those things most affecting the Workforce staff in some form or fashion. At that time two programs to assist the staff with their personal and financial wellness were introduced. The “Walk to Seattle” program was a motivational tool where the staff was encouraged to walk 3,000 miles, as a group, in a six week period to earn the opportunity to have the next company staff meeting in Seattle, WA. The results were amazing. The powerful team building this brought about in the company and the wellness was just as incredible. The next six weeks of the walking program was geared at collectively walking mileage in order to earn money to spend in Seattle. The overall program goal of 7,000 miles was reached with two weeks remaining in the program.

To address the financial issues, the group implemented the Dave Ramsey financial wellness program which encourages people to live within their means and reduce debt in their lives. A financial advisor was brought in to address the group and then also offered free services to anyone wishing to get further information. At this time the Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book was purchased and made available to all associates.

Then in April, the Workforce team moved into Matthew Kelley’s Perfectly Yourself book and have been taking the book chapter by chapter and breaking it down for discussion in their Dream Team meetings. Each individual in the group is keeping a Dream Journal and the company has also created a Dream Blog where everyone can share their dreams, challenges, and successes.

“I am proud to say that people have been encouraged to return to college, get their finances in line, lose weight, move out of their parents home, get a place for themselves and children, and for me…I am now driving a 1974 orange and white VW bus,”says Joe Rozier, Vice President of Workforce Employment Solutions. “It is impossible to tell you all the excitement that this book has brought into our company.”

For more information, please contact Joe Rozier, Vice President of Workforce Employment Solutions at or 573-701-2359.

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