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Students continue working on recycling effort

Students at St. Paul Lutheran School are going green and in the process trying to teach others to do the same.

The project started with the eighth grade class of 2007-2008, which are freshman this year. The group is trying to teach others to recycle. This years eighth graders are continuing the project that was started last year.

The project began over a year ago with students hoping to make a difference. One student says people in church have been coming up to her saying that it was a good thing.

The students at St. Paul are learning to recycle, and even teaching their parents. All the grades have been participating. The eighth grade class has begun cleaning up after lunch. They make sure all cardboard and paper products are in the recycling bin while the rest of the trash is in the proper containers.

Farmington is one of a few communities in the region that didn’t already offer recycling to residents. City Administrator Greg Beavers had been working on a recycling grant, and the students joined in and are doing the marketing part of the effort. They have come up with various ways to get other students in Farmington involved with the project. They will begin sponsoring a poster contest and the winning posters will be made into a calendar and distributed to the schools in the community.

The students will also be in charge of marketing the information for the recycling by doing the poster contest, radio spots and newspaper advertising. Everyone learned when they began doing this project that 70 percent of the trash students thrown out is paper.

Students have begun doing some homework on the Internet such as vocabulary words to save paper.

When the students began the project the company they got the recycling bins from said it would take a month to fill up. It took two weeks. Taylor Brockmiller is a student and says, “Doing recycling helps, it cuts down on trash that is thrown out, plus helps the environment.”

The major advantages of recycling are it saves money, cuts down on trash that is thrown out, and material that goes into the landfill.

More informaiton will be available about the city-wide recycling effort in coming weeks.

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