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A Different Perspective

Last week I wrote about Christmas being love.  Maybe I should have said that love is what Christmas should be about.  It was God’s gift to us and should be our goal also.  Today, we are going to consider Christmas being joy.  There is a Christmas song that says, ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year.’  What other season of the year do you see as many house and yard decorations?  As I drive the bus each day, many of the students watch for more and more festive displays; especially in the evenings.  They love seeing the lights and one of my Intermediate students said last week that he thinks more and more people are getting the Christmas spirit this year!  (You think little eyes don’t see and little minds don’t understand more than you might realize?  Think again! )  Everywhere you go, there are Christmas songs being played; from silly to the serious ones.   People dress in seasonal attire and always want to look their best.   Interesting and creative gift suggestions are displayed, and baking and cooking smells permeate the air!  It is a wonderful time of the year if we want it to be.  The decision is our’s.

When the shepherds were watching their sheep out on the hillside years ago, and the angel appeared to them, the message was not to be afraid, but to have joy, because there was great news for all the people.  It is our responsibility to focus on what is joyful and good, and as we do, life will take on an entirely new meaning.  Joy comes from doing.  It is an action word.  Doesn’t it do your heart good to do something for someone else?  As we share with others, our joy is increased and our hearts become full.  Good news is contagious and is exciting to spread!  Even in the worst of times, if someone can spread a little joy, then everything seems to go a little better.  I’m not saying there are not some very tough times that we all must experience, but if we can rely upon God to see us through, there will be joy in the end.  We might not understand why at the time, but we must remember who is in charge and know that He will be with us.  Try to focus on the joy of this season and spread as much of it as you possibly can.  You might be surprised how joyful you will become!

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