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A Different Perspective

There’s a Christmas carol that ends by saying… “Peace on earth, good will to men.”  Maybe I should have ended last week’s Christmas article with that sentiment.  But, I preferred to use it for the ending of 2008, and the beginning of this new year of 2009.  It is a statement  that I believe  the majority of citizens around the world would like to see happen.  Most people do not like turmoil.  Nor, do they like conflict, whether it be in one’s own family, their city, their country, or anywhere in the world.  We desire a calm and peaceful surrounding, and we enjoy happiness and pleasantness.  Babies develop a much more relaxed demeanor when they are surrounded by love and joy and peace.  There is a security that comes from peace.

At the start of this ‘new time’ in our lives, (the start of a new year), may each of us seek to find the true peace that only comes from knowing our Lord Jesus Christ in a personal way.  He alone can give us the peace and direction we need in a world of frustrations, turmoil, and unrest.  My prayer for each of you is that you will personally find the peace and contentment and direction you need for whatever lies ahead.  HAPPY  NEW  YEAR and God bless.

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