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New library materials added

The following materials were added to the Farmington Public Library during the month of December.

The list includes:


Ahern, P – Maurice and Therese

Albert, S – Nightshade

Andrews, V.C. – Secrets in the Shadows

Auster, P – Man in the Dark

Barber, C – The Replacement Child

Battle, L – The Florabama Ladies’ Auxiliary and Sewing Circle

Beaton, M.C. – Death of A Gentle Lady

Beck, G – The Christmas Sweater

Boncompagni, T – Gilding Lily

Carlson, M – All I Have to Give

Cezair-Thompson, M – The Pirate’s Daughter

Egan, T – The Winemaker’s Daughter

Gaffney, P – Mad Dash

Gould, L – Beyond the Blue

Hammond, D – Hannah’s Dream

Harris, C – Dead to the World

Hart, N – Impeachable Offense

Hatcher, R – Loving Libby

Hooper, K – Blood Dreams

Hosseini, K – Kite Runner

Kellerman, J – Obsession

Kinkade, T – Beyond the Garden Gate

Klavan, A – Empire of Lies

Kureishi, H – Something to tell you

Maguire, G – A Lion Among Men

McCall Smith, A – Tears of the Giraffe

McGraw, E – The Seamstress of Hollywood Boulevard

Medlicott, J – At Home in Covington

Morgan, K – One Perfect Gift

Muller, M – Burn Out

Pella, J – Bachelor’s Puzzle

Perkins, E – Novel about My Wife

Peters, E – Guardian of the Horizon

Rimington, S – Illegal Action

Robbins, A – Paris Never Leaves You

Salvatore, R.A. – The Orc King

Seymour, E.V. – The Last Exile

Shreve, A – Testimony

Smith, Z – White Teeth

Upson, N – An Expert in Murder

Wick, L – Jessie

Windsor, L – Fiesta Moon

Wright, J – The Wednesday Letters


Buckley, C – Supreme Courtship

Evans, R – Grace

Le Carre’, J – A Most Wanted Man

Wall, E – Stolen Innocence



Arterburn, S – The Secrets Men Keep

Atlas, T – Atlas

Bamford, J – The Shadow Factory

Cea, R – No Lights, No Sirens

Consumer Reports Buying Guide 2009

Crowley, J – Defiant Dads

Dodman, N – If Only They Could Speak

Duncombe, S – The Bobbed Haired Bandit

Ehrman, B – God’s Problem

Frank, T – The Wrecking Crew

Geiskopf-Hadler, S – The Complete Vegan Cookbook

Grandin, T – Animals in Translation

Henderson, S – Great 2X4 Accessories for your Home

Hill, E.D. – I’m Not Your Friend, I’m Your Parent

Kant, I – Critique of Pure Reason

Lattimer, D – I Remember Papa Bea: The Untold Story of the Legendary Fred Bear including     his Secrets of Hunting

Myron, V – Dewey

Queen, N – The Chicks with Sticks’ Guide to Crochet

Sabatier, P – The Road to Assisi

Simpson, S – Complete Book if Framing: An Illustrated Guide for Residential Construction

Somers, S – Breakthrough

Spelling, T – sTORI Telling

Stout, D – Boy in the Box

Tec, N – Resilience and Courage

Trump, D – Trump

Vaccariello, L – Flat Belly Diet!

Wagner, R – Pieces of my Heart


Hoffmann, E.T.A. – The Nutcracker

Horacek, P – Look Out, Suzy Goose

Lies, B – Bat Night at the Library

McCourt, L – Granny’s Dragon

McCourt, L – It’s Time for School, Stinky Face

Milgrim, D – Santa Duck

Rosenstiehl, A – Silly Lilly and the Four Seasons

Smaridge, N – The Big Tidy-Up

Stone, T – Sandy’s Circus

U’Ren, A – Mary Smith


Barsocchini, P – High School Musical/ High School Musical 2

Davis, J – Garfield Pigs Out

Gintzler, A.S. – Rough and Ready Outlaws and Lawmen

Mattern, J – Drake Bell and Josh Peck

My First Atlas: Your Country and Your World

Park, L – Archer’s Quest

Perry, R – Retro Kids Cooking

Rhodes, M – Dolphins, Seals, and Other Sea Mammals

Ripley’s Believe it or Not: Special Edition 2008

Rodger, E – Building a Green Community

Ullman, B – The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood

Walker, S – Rocks

Whitehead, K – Art from her Heart

Wilkes, A – My First Christmas Activity Book

Yue, G – Little Leap Forward


Aiken, J – The Serial Garden

Draper, S – Copper Sun

Ferguson, A – The Christopher Killer

Key, W – Alabama Moon

Nuzum, K.A. – A Small White Scar

Werlin, N – The Rules of Survival


Jump and Dance


Baldacci, D – Divine Justice

Christie, A – Cards on the Table

Christie, A – Murder in Mesopotamia

Kellerman, J – Bones

Robb, J.D. – Salvation in Death

Roberts, N – The Pagan Stone


Gaines, E – A Lesson Before Dying

Le Guin, U – A Wizard of Earthsea

Mahfouz, N – The Thief and the Dogs

Ozick, C – The Shawl

Robinson, M – Housekeeping

Twain, M – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Wolff, T – Old School


Chase’s Calendar of Events 2009

The Complete book of Colleges


Memorial to the Breece Family of Shetley Creek, Madison Co. Mo

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