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What do we expect from a mayor?

Editor’s note: As a matter of clarification, this newspaper does not run anonymous letters to the editor. The ‘Observer’ is a regular contributor and resident of Farmington and writes anonymously in the same tradition as similar unnamed columnists have written for print publications for centuries. The opinions expressed by the Observer, and authors of letters to the editor, are not necessarily the opinion of this newspaper.


Here we are about to elect a mayor for another term. What do the residents of Farmington expect from the candidates vying to become our leader? I expect all of the candidates are good citizens and love our city and hope to continue the progress we have enjoyed in the past. We need to be aware of the downturn in the national economy. The promise or boast by anyone who thinks they can do better is only visionary. To clarify what you would like to have happen with the consent of the city council would be effective. I want Farmington to be a place noted for goodwill and friendship, and not to be burdened with backbiting and criticism. I’m looking for the person who will tell the whole truth and not express any partisan politics into this campaign or into the mayor’s office if elected. I have lived in Farmington during four mayors and have observed good and not so good. Any one serving as mayor will enjoy good times and suffer adverse events. I also urge this newspaper to require names of all who wish to have an article published. This would include letters to the editor and the “Observer”. If you are proud of what you write don’t be ashamed to sign it. Tradition and Progress is still our motto. Keep that in mind. Let’s add, Love Your Neighbor to this motto.

Showing respect and gratitude to our current mayor should be everyone’s agenda. Whom ever is elected in April should expect the same. It is my good fortune to have met Mayor Roberts a long time ago and find her to be upfront and honest. As members of the Farmington Presbyterian Church I have come to know her better. I support her efforts to be re-elected as our mayor.


Warren Corless


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