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I guess everyone has heard about the wonder woman who gave birth to 8 babies. Being almost sure that she was setting herself up for multiple births causes me to wonder what in the world that woman was thinking about; why she would have wanted even one more baby (with no job and no husband); and how could any person take care of 8 babies (not to mention the 6 children she already had); and does she even intend to take care of them? I noticed she had long, manicured fingernails, and I learned way back in my hospital days that you can know who has, or doesn’t have, intentions of getting their hands into anything messy by the style of nails they wear. And that’s not to mention who is, or isn’t, concerned about the possible tearing of paper-thin skin of the elderly, nor damage to the tender peach-skin of babies. I might as       wwell add that in my opinion, any rings besides simple wedding bands are not compatible with hands-on care, either. As I have said before, you can’t always judge by looks, but you can sure pick up some good clues almost every time. And by the way, even though there are those who will tell you that producing as many babies as possible is pleasing to God, and that doing so will bring you a great reward when the time comes for you to stand before your Maker, I beg to differ. I believe I know God well enough to be able to say that having compassion to care for the many needy children already born would be the way to please God for, according to His Word, that is exactly what He has called us to do. I have found no place in the Bible, where God says our focus should be be on having as many babies as possible, or that doing so is commendable. Be warned that there are those who will keep you so busy with their own literature and their own religious innovations (if you allow them to do so) that you may never have the time or inclination to seek God and His Word, so that you may know what He actually does want and expect from you. This is “saving knowledge” that I’m talking about, and it is too important to be passive or casual about. It is even more important than life and death, for the decisions we make now will be in effect far beyond what we experience on Earth. Let’s pray for the mother and those fourteen babies and children, that God will take care of them as He sees fit, and bring good out of this anomaly.


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